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Happy Holidays

I usually am crazy busy with work and family, but I took a long break form work to enjoy time with my family for the holidays. I will go back after the first of the new year, and I am loving every minute of taking a break. We are visiting my family for a few days and it’s great being able to sleep in because my parents will get up early with the girls. Mom and I split cooking meals so neither of us have to do everything. As of this minute, my girls have had lunch and are napping, my dad and husband are outside puttering on something, my presents are all wrapped, my mom is wrapping presents and I have a few minutes alone in the quiet to blog before the havoc closes in again.

I wanted to wish all of you happy holidays. I hope you all feel surrounded by love during this time.

I plan to be back more full time after the first of the year. Looks like December was not so productive for me on the blog. I loved NaBloPoMo for a kick off, but I was kinda blog brain dead after blogging each day. Hopefully I can come to a point where I feel creative about what I am posting and still feel sane about it.


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Time Out

I took a time out this last week with everyone being sick and my toe hurting.  I posted a couple of times and only read a couple of blog posts.  I’m back at it this afternoon, so if you sent me a message and I did not respond, sorry  but I needed a break.  If it’s really important, please send it again and I promise to get back to you really soon this time.

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Christmas – 14 days

I know for the rest of the world there are 15 days until Christmas, but my big family event has always been on Christmas eve, so at my house it’s 14 days. I am nearly finished. I’m working on a couple more hot pads, a few knit hats and my mom’s bag. We finished buying the last of the presents for my girls last night. I just need to finish their hats and they will be good to go.

I think we are going to do our at home Christmas with them on the 19th. Christmas at my house ends up being quite the production. We do our family Christmas here at home before we leave for the big Christmas on Christmas Eve and try to give the kids a couple of days to play with their new toys before we leave. We usually open our presents and the presents from J’s family at that time.

Then on Christmas Eve we get together with my mom’s side of the family at the Community Center because we outgrew any of the houses (yeah it’s that big) and have a big potluck and presents.

On Christmas day we get together with my brother’s family at his house and more mayhem occurs.

Overall, by the time we are finished with Christmas it feels like a week long production. I love every minute of it.

I’ve got to run for work now.

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Thankful Thursday

This week has been a tough one around here.  J has pneumonia and I had minor toe surgery.  Emily spent Sunday throwing up and it was shopping week.  This weeks thanks match my week.

  1. Antibiotics
  2. Humidifiers
  3. Great insurance
  4. My washer & dryer
  5. Restaurants

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The picnic

I still need to make sure C is ok with me posting pics of his girls, but here is a sneak peak of my girls having a blast.

Update:  C says I can post the girls, so here goes.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

After craft time they saw the dentist. They checked their dolls mouths to be sure everything looked good and talked to them about how to make sure their teeth were brushed every day. (sorry but the first two are a little off color)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Next they visited with a nurse who checked their mouths and listened to their tummies just to make sure their babies were going to be fine. After they checked out, the girls got to help put on a bandaid. The nursing students at the local college volunteer to help out.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

What a fun day and a great way to support a deserving charity.

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Weekend adventures

This past weekend my mom, sister-in-law and I took the girls to the teddy bear picnic near my parents house.  The girls took their babies or bears and made crafts, got a picture with Santa, watched a magician, and had a visit with a dentist and nurse to check out their toys to make sure they were well.  It made for a long weekend, but the girls all had a really good time.  I need to double check with my brother before I post pics to be sure he is OK with it.  I will add pics of my girls for you soon.

I took today off to have a minor toe surgery.  It was numb most of the day, so it felt pretty lazy to spend the day on the couch with my foot up.  This evening it is getting sore, and hopefully it will be ok to go to work tomorrow.

I worked on some knitting this afternoon.  I am making hats for my girls and my nieces and a tube hat for my dad.  Dad has always been a large head and it is difficult to find a hat that will fit on his head.  I am making his with a large sized loom.  I was a little concerned that it may be a little over big, so I am making it out of cotton just in case.  He can always wash it in hot if needed and shrink it down.  I have never worked with 100% cotton before.  It was pretty hard to find last night and feels different when I am working with it.  It seems to be coming out fine though.

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Last Day NaBloPoMo

I posted this early Friday morning, but something happened with the post, so here it is.  I did not mean to disappear without letting you know were I was going. 

Today is the last day of NaBloPoMo. I think I have done very well. I missed the first few days because I had not heard of it yet. I have been posting every day since I started. I’m going to take a few days off after today, but I will be back early next week. I’m kinda exhausted after all the excitement of the past few weeks.

I am glad to be finished with jury duty, but I will miss a few of the other members of the jury. We have been held over for one case, so we will be back together once more evidence is ready to be presented.

I bought a knifty knitter last night and I started my first hat tonight. I’ll post pictures when it gets a little farther along. I have been looking for a tube hat to wear when we go to the snow this winter. The ones I have found have been either really scratchy or really expensive. I can’t knit and get bored with crochet, but hopefully this will work for me.

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