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My laptop is out of sorts again.  This time the LCD monitor went out.  I am sharing with J for a few days until the parts come in for him to fix mine.  I tend to forget that PC’s are personal for a reason.  J is doing a great job of sharing, but this is the first time we have had to share in several years and I miss my computer.

Today they had a volunteer recognition event at Hope’s school.  I was invited and it was such a nice event.  They did a fantastic job putting everything together.  I really appreciate the effort they put into it.


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Emily’s Day

Today Hope had a field trip and J went with her as a chaperon.  I took the day off and spent it with Emily.  We had a fun packed day.  She should be ready for some good sleep tonight.

After we dropped J and Hope off for the ride to the zoo, we went to McDonald’s for pancakes.  She played for a little while after we were finished.  She always seems to make friends so easily when she is by herself.

After breakfast we stopped by my office and she got to have a visit.  They always spoil her while she is there.  She got popcorn, pencils, chocolate, cookies, and temporary tattoos.

We stopped by the store and picked up some pizza and juice for lunch.   We snuggled with my new quilt and watched Fern Gully.

After the movie it was time for Emily’s favorite cartoon – The Little Mermaid.  After The Mermaid was over, we went to our local carousel.  This is the first time we have gone that she was not scared.  She seemed to really enjoy the time.

We bought horse bubbles at the gift shop and Emmy had a great time blowing them after we got home.

We had a great day together.  She is resting now, and we are going swimming tonight with J’s cousin.  It is rare that I get to spend an entire day with one of my girls, and I loved every minute of it!

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Busy Weeks

Sorry I have been gone so long. I will post a few updates from the past few weeks. I have been having trouble with wordpress and things have been so busy I didn’t have time until tonight to figure out why. So, this is going to be a long post, but I wanted to get you all up to speed on the past few weeks.

At the beginning of the month, my cousin got married. The girls were in the wedding. They were her flower girls. Instead of throwing flower pedals they threw star confetti.

The girls were so proud that they were in the wedding.

The four flower girls with my Cousin Nikki and her new husband Tim. We were proud to welcome Tim to the family.

Hope has done really well this season in basketball. She has practiced hard and learned a lot. She had not played before this year. Last night during practice, she shot nine baskets. She is doing really well now. It has been fun to see how much her skills have improved in just a few weeks.

This last weekend we went to my parent’s house. It started snowing on our way down, and snowed all night Saturday. We woke up Sunday morning to several inches of fresh snow. My brother brought out his kids and the girls all played together in the snow.

While the girls were playing together and the guys were watching them, Mom and I went to a local quilt show. We had a fantastic time. It was nice to have some time with just the two of us.  We spotted a lap sized quilt that was calling my name.  We left the booth and kept walking around the show.  We looked at all of the quilts and then went back through the vendor booths.  It was still telling me it wanted me to take it home, but I didn’t listen.  We finished and started to walk out in the parking lot to the car and I told my Mom that we really should have bought the pink quilt that I really loved it.  We went back inside and she bought it for me for my birthday in a couple of weeks.  She said she was going to wrap it for me and I could have it then.  I talked her into letting me have it now. 

Here is the front

and part of the back.

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Help Please

I can not figure out how to add pictures to posts with the new wordpress.  Any suggestions?

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