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The traveling mommy

I get to travel  all over the state of Oregon for my job.  On average I am out of the office once a month.  One of the other moms in my office was getting ready to leave on her first trip and we were talking about how my kids handle my being gone.

Wen the trips are pretty close together they get a little upset about me going, but for the most part they like when I am gone.  We have an agreement that I will call and tell them goodnight at a specific time each night while I am out.  I often leave them a note when I leave letting them know I will miss them, and I usually bring them home some sort of a treat.  Sometimes it is a rock for their fish tank and other times it is a snack or a special flavor of their favorite bug juice.

The girls almost always get to go to bed late and have a pizza or movie party.  Last year it was a couple of months between trips and the girls started asking when I would be going next.  Silly girls.

Are you a traveling mommy?  How does your family deal with it?


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I got way less finished this weekend than I should have. I spent an incredible amount of time with my friend Jack the seam ripper. I had a little trouble dialing in the ruffler. I have it set now to go from 15 inches to 10, so I can take the size I want to attach a ruffle to, multiply by 1.5 and come out with the length I need to cut for the ruffle. One site I saw said to ruffle extra and just cut off what you don’t need. I just can’t be wasteful like that. I have to have exact measurements. I made the girls each a skirt and a pair of short pants.

Hope’s Short Ruffled Pants

Emmy’s Short Ruffled Pants

Skirts – Round two

I think I can use the pattern for the short pants to modify for several pairs of shorts. I also think I could lengthen it for pants for the fall. They were very easy to put together (once I stopped ripping them out) and I made Emmy’s in a couple of hours last night from cutting out the pattern and picking out and cutting the fabric while watching a movie, to sewing while the show I was watching was on commercial.   J flips during commercials, I sew during commercials.

Please ignore the slight blur, there was a small fingerprint on the lens I didn’t see until after the pictures were taken and the girls were in bed, so no retakes tonight.  Gee I wonder how that got there????

Well I’m off to my sewing corner to try for some shorts.

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I have several projects cut for sewing this weekend.  I have a pair of shorts for Hope, a couple of skirts to hem, a new skirt for Hope and two skirts for Emily.  I got some great fabric in the remnant bin the other day and am excited to use them for some summer skirts/shorts for the girls.  $30 in fabric and I should get at least 10 pieces from it.  I am not sure about making them shirts yet, but with the great prices I got for the fabric (some 75 cents a yard) I could screw up major and not even care.

Well, the girls and I are off to the pool in a few minutes.  Hopefully I will have a lot to show later in the weekend.

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I’ve been working on a few projects, but nothing to show yet.  There’s been a whole lot of cutting going on, but not a whole lot of actual sewing.   Hopefully I will be able to get some one on one time with the sewing machine this weekend and I’ll be able to share.

My plants are getting so much bigger than they were last week.   I can’t believe how fast they are growing.  I think I am going to have to replant the pot with the zucchini and tomato plants.  They are filling out the pot and they have only been planted for a little over a week.

I gotta go for now, but I wanted to let you know I’m still alive – just not overly productive right now.

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Twirly Girls

The girls are lovin’ their new skirts. You should see them twirl. I need to do a little work on the one for Hope, so it will probably be shorter next time you see it.

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This past week has been a blur. I have been fighting a cold and it’s winning. I slept most of the day on Saturday. I did make it to the store to pick up a couple of tomato, a zucchini, a thyme, a pepper plant, and some chives. Don’t they look like fun? I look forward to watching them grow this summer.

See how cute my birthday pinwheels look in the pots?

Sunday was a great Mothers Day. I got to sleep in and J got up with the princess duo. They had a fun time treating me. I love snickers, so they bought me a big bag of bite sized snickers. Yummy. The girls picked me out a beautiful new pink flowered nightgown and slippers. They are so cute. They got me a new light for my keychain to replace the latest casualty.

See the picture Hope made me at school? Isn’t it cute. Beautiful flowers in a pot huh.

My birthday was on Monday. I had to work, but my guys took me out to lunch at my favorite Chinese place. My mom was in town for training and joined us at Applebees for dinner and then came back to our house for cake and ice cream. It was nice that she got to join us. She brought me a solar butterfly for my porch. It lights up at night and changes colors. I will try to get a shot of it lit up. I tried the other night, but I ran out of camera battery. You can see it above in the pictures of my plants.

J and the girls spoiled me sooooo much. My favorite cake (the chocolate version of red velvet), Chunky Monkey Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, balloons, chocolate covered cherries, a new collapsing bowl/plate for my desk, carnations, a lap desk for my laptop, and a reed scent diffuser were fantastic surprises. The girls and J got me cards. The card from J made me cry; it was so sweet. I appreciate all the thought they put into making my day so special. I have a wonderful family.

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Ruffle Skirts

OK, I’m ready to share now.  I bought a ruffler for my sewing machine.  It takes a long piece of fabric and ruffles it up.  I am excited to use it for making ruffled edges on quilts, curtains, and prairie skirts.   I hoped to finish at least one skirt this week the girls, and I was able to finish two.  They go so quickly.

Here is Hope’s new skirt

and close up

Emily’s skirt

and close up

The fabric in Emmy’s skirt may look familiar.  It’s the same fabric as I used for their capes.

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