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I had a rough day yesterday.  I started out the morning at the dentist.  Let’s just say I have a very strong gag reflex and leave it at that. I went to work after I was done and got a call from our auditors.  It went much like this…..”We want to come look at your files.  We will be there in 30 minutes.”  By 3:30 when they left, I thought my head was going to explode.

I skipped lunch, so by the time I was done at work, I was ready for dinner out.  I was so excited that we were going to Applebees.  I normally love them, and last night was kids night so the girls could get kids meals for 99 cents with an adult purchase.  I got the mini cheeseburgers.  I have had them at the Applebees by my mom’s house and loved them – they were juicy and very good.  Last night, the bread was dry, the meat was overcooked, and overall it tasted like cardboard.  I tried, but I just could not eat them.  They were gross.  By the time I got home, I was crabby.  Not just a little crabby, I mean CRABBY!!!!!  I wanted to climb in my bed and hide from the world.  Somehow I made it through the evening and boy was I glad when it was bed time.

So, last night when I was hungry, cranky, headachey, and overall in a rotten mood, I noticed it had been a couple days since I had posted.  I had taken some pictures in the morning of my tomato plants and thought I should probably share them with you….you will notice there was not a post from last night.   Let’s just say that is not a time to blog.  I was in a rotten mood and it showed.  This morning I woke up and the head ache is gone and I am feeling much better.  My jaw is still a little sore, so let’s just hold off on seeing how this day is going to go.


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Weekend projects

Nancy just posted a link to this tutorial for an adorable fabric basket. I think I’m going to have to make one. I don’t have any linen, so making it means I need to make a run for the fabric store (oh darn) but I think I can make myself do it.

Yesterday my parent’s came and we went to a Lowe’s build and grow event with the girls. They made tabletop teatherball stands. After that, we went to a local park and had a picnic with Subway sandwiches. The girls played and played while the grown ups had a nice visit.

I have been working on making some checkbook covers. I started out by making four. This is what I thought I wanted for them.

After working with them, I have decided to eliminate the elastic band across the bottom. It’s a pain to put in and make sure it’s even on both sides, and topstitching around it’s not a lot of fun either. I showed one of them to my mom, and she loved it, but she asked for a pen holder on hers near the fold. I never use the pen holders that the commercial covers come with, so I eliminated it from the start. I guess I will have to make one with a pen holder.

I have nine more cut out and spent a couple of hours at the ironing board fusing the interfacing to eight of them. What a chore! I’m out of interfacing now, but I can pick some more up when I go for the linen. I started pinning the pieces all together on the ones I fused, and I should be ready to sew these nine this evening.

I don’t use a traditional transaction log for my checkbook, so the one I am making for me will be quite different. I won’t have the small pieces of fabric to hold the log pages open, but on that side I will have small pockets for holding a debit card, my drivers license, and a tube of lipstick.

I worked on a couple more ice pack covers and will finish them off this evening and have them in the mail on Monday. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, so I will post the pictures of these after I am sure the girls have received their packages.

You should go check out this give away. I would love to win either part of her give away.

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Meet Savannah

We are excited to welcome Savannah to the world.  She is a cutie.  She weighed 7 1/2 pounds and is 20 inches long.  I can not wait to see her in person.

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Quick morning post

My internet is being cranky this morning, so just a quick post.  I’m working on a few things that I should be able to share this weekend & things are super busy at work right now with no prospect of letting up.

My main reason for posting is to let  you all know Savannah will be making her entrance into the world today.  Nikki is going in this morning to be induced.  There is a pretty good chance she will need to be taken C-Section today, so please keep them in your prayers today.  I’ll be back later (hopefully with baby stats).

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Around blogland is coming first in this edition because I’m gonna rant a bit at the end and you can skip it if you want to.

Check out this great tutorial for dying fabric. Patsy really breaks it down & makes it seem very simple. I am really tempted to start dying after reading this posting.

I just found this blog by Elizabeth and she is hosting a great give away.  Stop by and read a while.  (She has a super cute dog too).

Ok…here comes my rant.

I love it when you comment on my blog, and I really do try to respond to each one.  I try and leave comments on the blogs I regularly read, but sometimes I realize it’s been a really long time since I have commented.  It’s one of those “I really need to work on this” items for me.

I recently read a rant post on another blog because she was not getting any comments.  I have tried to comment on her posts in the past, but she does not allow anonymous comments and you have to be signed up as a google/blogger user to leave comments.  I have a google account, but for the life of me I can never remember the login information.  I know this does not seem like a hard concept, but if you want comments, make it easy for commenters to leave you notes.  Oh and another thing that drives me bonkers is when I write a comment and hit submit and then another page pops up with the code to enter.  I know it’s to help block spam, but can’t you just have the code on the same page as I write my comment.  Just saying.

And now that you’ve made it through my snarkiness for the day, (I have decided snarkiness is a word whether the dictionary says so or not), I will leave you with a cute picture of the girls from our outing to Wildlife Safari over the Fourth of July weekend.

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Dad’s new girl

Last fall my dad’s dog had to be put down. She had been with us for many years. I picked out Ginger when she was a tiny puppy and she was a great dog. She really loved us. She was a great protector for the girls. A good snuggler, and loved to play hard. She was a very smart dog and loved to please. She had a few faults (can you say digger?), but we all loved her. It was very hard to watch her getting old and seeing her in pain. Here is a picture of her watching over her girls. She was watching Hope down the hall and standing near Emmy so she could protect both of them at the same time. We really miss her.

It took several months, but a few weeks ago we started looking for dad a new dog. Not just any dog, the perfect dog. We needed a young lab or retriever female. While the expense of the dog was not a huge factor, we were not willing to pay $250 for a dog with out papers. I know some people may be willing to, but we just were not. We strongly believe in spaying/neutering pets, so if it was not a tiny puppy, we hoped she would have been spayed by the owners. After several months of looking, yesterday I found the perfect dog. Meet Daisy.

Daisy is a 9-month old lab female.  Her previous owners had two small children and Daisy did not get along so well with them.  She was a bit of a snapper with the kids and they decided she was not the dog for them.  She is spayed, chipped, has her first sets of shots, and is a sweetie.  She is very protective.  Yesterday I found her, picked her up, drove an hour, and met my parents to deliver Daisy to them.  She will be my dad’s dog.  She really likes my mom, but she’s not so sure about him yet.  She will come around though.  It just may take a while.

I stopped for gas yesterday on the way to drop her off, and she had already adopted me as hers.  She started barking and growling when the attendant touched my car and started to pump the gas.  I think he was worried she may rip his arm off, because when he was done he just tapped the trunk and yelled “Thanks”.  She will be a great protect dog.  She snuggled me the whole hour I was driving.  Shes certainly a good snuggler (a little drooler though).

I’m looking forward to her being a great family dog for us.  We hope to have a long time to get to know and love her.  She will never replace our Ginger, but hopefully we will grow to love Daisy as much as we loved Gin.

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Candace Todd recently posted pictures her daughter Sadie took with a digital camera. I reminded me of a topic I have been meaning to write about. Last year for Hope’s birthday, we bought her a camera. I love uploading her pics and seeing the world through her eyes.

She loves door pictures. I think I may have a picture of every door she has ever come across (grandma’s, uncles, the community center, ours, the neighbors, the hotel we stayed at last, my office, the list goes on and on).

Her camera has a video recorder and she makes use of it whenever possible. She talks through the entire thing like she is making a documentary. It’s hilarious.

I think it’s a great idea to teach her young to appreciate what beauty there is in the simple things around us (even if it’s a door).

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