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Break Time

I’ve been gone for work and have a super busy week this week, so I am taking a blog break.  I will be back full time in about a week.  I have not even had time to really read my bloglines.  Hope you have a great holiday weekend if you are in the United States.


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Great Post

I am catching up on my blog reading while dinner cooks.  I came across this great post.  Crystal showed a great picture of her living room.  I really needed the reality check this evening.

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Sooooo Tired

It’s already been a long week, and it’s only Wednesday.  (It is Wednesday right?)  What a crazy few days.  The weekend was super long, and I am still kinda tired.  I have put in a little extra time at work the past couple of days because things are super busy.  It seems like everything is hitting all at the same time this week, and there are not enough hours in the day.

Last night our power was out when I got off work.  It was not a problem.  It is actually a good time to have it happen.  During the winter, it would have been dark and cold, but we were able to open the curtains and it was plenty light in the house.  Since it’s summery, it was not too cold.  We are having a bit of a storm, so it was not sweltering hot either.  We lit a couple of candles in the bathroom and were ready to go.  I prepared some chicken and put it on the BBQ for dinner.  I came back in the house while it cooked and started to chop some potato, onion, and carrot for the grill.  I made a comment to J about how it had been  a while since we had refilled the propane, so we needed to fill the spare tank on payday.  He looked at me and said, ” I can’t believe you just jinxed it like that.”  I laughed and walked outside to check the chicken.

The chicken was barely warm, and the grill was off….it’s out of gas.  I put the potato in a bag of water in the fridge, and we went out for dinner.  As we were getting ready to leave, the power came back on.

Well, I am off for another long, exciting day at work.  I am way behind on my blog reading, mostly because I am too tired by the time I get home to think about blog reading.  I have some hotel time later this week, so I will catch up then.  In the mean time, can you please leave me a comment if there is something you think I need to know about right away?

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Chick weekend madness

The girls all had a great weekend.  I had such a good time with them all here.  We were so busy!  My mom forgot her camera and I could not figure out where the safe spot was I put mine.  I am sad to not have pictures from the weekend, but I have to admit It was kind of nice to not have to worry about taking pictures while we were out.

They got here friday evening after dinner time.  We got them all unloaded and  in.  The sleeping bags were laid out on the floor and I kept reminding them we had neighbors so they could not be as loud as a jet plane.  Wow can those four make some noise.  Bed time was interesting.  They did not want to go to sleep.

Friday morning we went to the Silverton Arts Festival.  They have a large kids area with lots of hands on crafts.  There are lots of vendor booths, and art demonstrations.  It made for a fun morning.   This weekend was soooooo hot!  I took my new yellow bag packed with ice water bottles.  We went to the festival early to help avoid the heat and boy were we glad.  It wa really getting hot by the time we left.

After we were finished at the festival, we took the girls to Burger King for burgers and salads.  Then it was home for a much needed bath and a rest.  After rest time we went to the Y and hung out in the pool for a couple of hours.  We saw a friend from work who also had her kids there.  What a great way to cool off.

The girls were so tired when we were finished I was not sure they were going to make it awake long enough for dinner to come.  After our pizza party, the girls went straight to bed and watched the new Veggie Tales movie before bed.  I could not believe how fast they went to sleep.

Sunday morning we went to the carousel at Riverfront Park.  They had such a great time.  They got to ride four times.  Then they made pressed pennies.  After the carousel, we went to lunch and the girls got to play in the play area for a long time.

They left for home and I brought my girls back for a bath.  We had such a great time.  We wore the girls out.  My girls slept until after 10 this morning.  I was very tired this morning.  I had a hard time getting up and leaving for work this morning.

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Celebrations in blogland

The wild onion blog is one year old.  Stop by and take a read.  There are some incredible work of art on there.

Suzanne just hit her 600th post.  I am very impressed.  She invited us all to a party.  Come on over and join us.  I will bring some wicked good royal red velvet cake.

And speaking of cake, don’t these cupcakes look yummy.   I want to join her club.  How about you?

While JoLyne is on vacation, she has been having some really interesting guest bloggers.  Today Heather talked about kids and internet safety. The post is great and there are some fantastic comments.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

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A miraculous update

I am beyond thankful today.  Knowing you were praying for us helped so much the past couple of days.  I have the most incredible news today.  Donna is awake.  She started breathing on her own and is now off of all life support machines.  She is up and talking.  She has complete feeling with no loss at this time.  There are no broken bones from hitting the rock and she is doing very well.

The doctors are still concerned about potential lung concerns.  She is still in ICU, but may be able to move to a regular room tomorrow.

The past few days have been very difficult.  Thanks again for your prayers and kind words during this time.

On a positive note, Carla is having a giveaway.  I would love to win one of her scarves.

Again, thanks for all your support over the past few days.  I will be having my brothers girls for the weekend.  My mom is bringing them up for an arts festival.  I may be kinda quiet the next few days, but then I should be back with some good updates.

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Donna is still in critical condition.  The next couple of days will tell.  It’s so hard to wait.  She opened her eyes today and responded to touch, which is good, but she is still on the breathing machines and is not able to respond to all commands.  The next 2 days are crucial, so please continue to pray for her and the family.  Thank you for all your prayers.

I heard an amazing story today that helped renew my faith in humanity.  When Donna had her accident, my brother and his family were camping.  They were playing in the water right near their camp site.  As you would expect when camping with four children, one of the kids had a shirt that was waiting to be washed, the tents were unzipped, and there were some snacks out for the kids.  This morning, my dad and brother took the kids to ride their bikes while they dealt with tearing down camp and hoped for the best.  They thought that wildlife would probably have been in the tents and they were not sure how much of a mess they would have made with the food.  When they got to the camp, someone had packed their food away so the animals could not get to it, washed out the shirt and hung it to dry, and zipped their tents so their belongings would be safe.  Their “neighbors” at camp had made sure a bad situation was not made worse.  There are not enough words to express the gratitude I feel towards those who were so thoughtful.  What took a few minutes for them, made a difficult chore much more bearable.

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