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I have gotten some really good news the past week, and I wanted to share it.

My Grandma finished her chemo a week early.  Unless something comes back with her bloodwork this week, she is finished.  What a relief.

Hope starts basketball again this week.  I took her this afternoon to the Y and we had a great time playing together.  J’s cousin met us there and we had a blast.  I could really see a big improvement over when she started playing.  She will be on a team primarily of kids her own age this year, so hopefully she will be a little more comfortable.  Stay tuned for basketball pics soon.


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I read Sarah’s blog regularly.  A while back she posted this recipe for a Sweet and Spicy Chicken.  I made it a few weeks ago, and my family has asked for it several times.  It’s a winner in our house now. Great for a busy family.

Note – I just realized when I went back and read the original post that I left out the salsa when I made it and only put in a couple of tablespoons of jelly.  I guess I will have to try it the way it was intended and see if the girls still like it as well.  Too funny.

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Pics from Jennifer

J’s cousin took a few pictures while we were on vacation last month.  I just got the files, so I thought I would share a couple.  I’m busy with work, the gym, and life in general.  I hope things will be a little less crazy in the next few weeks and I will be able to spend some more time blogging.

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