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Update & Wildlife Safari

I made it through surgery and am now on my way to a full recovery.  It’s been a little slower than I thought.  As usual I tried to do way too much over the holiday and got over tired.  It has been nice being at my parent’s house so they could help with the girls when I was not feeling very good.  I’m starting to feel a lot better now.

When we are in Roseburg, we always go to Wildlife Safari.  They have a drive through with animals in sections from the Americas, Asia, and Africa.  They also have a walk through part with smaller animals and a train.  Because we were there a little late and I was not feeling great, we just did the drive through this time.  Here are some photos from our drive through.

One of the giraffes walked right in front of the car when we were driving through.  He was way bigger than my car, so I let him go first.  He was so close it was hard to take a good picture at the time.  This is one we took a little later in the park.  Can you believe they only have 7 neck bones?

There were several of these deer all together, but this one was hanging out on it’s own.

We got to see them feed the Rhinos.  It was really cool to see them eat.  They look so prehistoric.

They were also feeding the cheetahs.  A major part of what they do there is cheetah breeding.  During some parts of the year they close the Cheetah section for the breeding program.  It was open this time.

Their eagle sits in the middle of a pond and sometimes other birds come to visit.  He was all alone this time.  It was injured and can no longer hunt, so they provide it sanctuary.

My Aunt and her family will be leaving in February to move to Uganda, Africa to be missionaries.  My girls were excited to learn this crane is the national bird of Uganda.

There are wild turkeys here.  They seem to like being at Wildlife Safari.

It looks like they may have just fed the bison.  Look at how many are in the feeding hut.

This yak walked right beside the car.  Emily thought it was pretty cool.

Elk are native to North America.  This one has tiny little horns that look like it never comes out of velvet.

Look at how huge the horns on these deer are.  They are honeycombed inside so they are not heavy for them.

I did not take too many pictures from Christmas this year, but I have a few from our time here I can post next time.


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Blog Break

I will be taking a blog break for the next few weeks.  I will be having minor surgery in a little over a week to remove a non-functioning gallbladder.  Until the surgery, I am going to be finishing the last of the arrangements for Christmas.  I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, and I look forward to reading posts as I feel up to it and checking back in after the new year.

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My little anglers

My girls love to go fishing, and I love to take them.  We get a few hours out of the house to enjoy being together.  I love it.

I’m working on quite a few things I can’t quite share yet, but I should be able to soon.

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