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Since our girls were born, J and I do not give each other large presents at Christmas.  Instead we get our presents when we get our tax return.  This year we got a wii and a wii fit.  I’m loving it.  I was not however loving my wii fit age after my first test.  I definately have some work to do.

My girls love Wii boxing.  The little one is speedy and can take down the bigger one every time.  Watch those hips go.


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Cancer Free

J got his test results back and the spot they removed was cancer free.  I am so jazzed!!!  What a long couple of weeks not knowing.

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Blessing in disquise

In December J had a minor car accident.  It was just before my gallbladder surgery and our vacation.  He slid into a curb and no other vehicles were involved.  He hurt his shoulder and is going through physical therapy for it.

The car was broken and there was a major snow storm here.  While the car was in the shop, we were able to have a rental car.  While they were checking it out, they discovered that the water pump was going out.  If it had failed completely, there would likely have been quite a bit of damage to the engine.  We paid for the water pump, the insurance paid for the issues with the steering systems, we said a prayer of thanks that the car did not cost more and I was not stuck somewhere with the girls by myself.

We were able to take the rental on vacation and were glad to be able to go.

Before we went on vacation, J went to have a doctor check out his shoulder and neck.  They noticed a small “cyst” and recommended he have it checked out after we returned from vacation.  When he saw our regular doctor, she explained that he had a non-cancerous tumor and she refered him to a surgeon for removal.  On Tuesday, J went for the procedure.  While they were doing the surgery, they noticed an odd spot on his shoulder, which they suspect is skin cancer and removed it.  We should hear the test results soon.

If not for the accident, they would not have found the water pump or the spot.  I am not happy that he had a car accident, but I am happy that they were able to find them.

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Pedicures all around

I’ve had a rough few months, so I decided to treat myself yesterday evening.  J”s cousin Jennifer met me at the salon, and we had pedicures done.  We both picked out the same color from different shelves.

Im not really a waitress red by OPI toes

I'm not really a waitress red by OPI toes

She had never had one before.  She seemed to enjoy it, and I did too.

Jennifer, queen of the toe seperators

Jennifer, queen of the toe seperators

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I am so excited about the Sew Mama Sew theme this month.  They will be working with fat quarters.  Each day there will be a new post related to fat quarters.  I have some really pretty ones that I haven’t known quite what to do with, so I can’t wait for their postings.

While you are out cruising the web, be sure to stop by and wish Susan congratulations on her 700th post.

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