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When we were looking for our house, there were a couple of great houses for sale on princess lane.  I would love to live on princess lane, but my pocketbook could not afford to live there.  When we looked at our house, J said he was not sure about it because it’s a little pink.  It’s a tan color that in the right light looks pinkish.  My response was of course “If I can’t live on princess lane, then I want the pink house”.

The house was in great shape inside when we moved in.  It had been flipped and there was all new paint, new carpets upstairs, and everything is in working order.  That means instead of fixing broken things I have been able to spend my time and money improving the outside.  I have planted and planted and planted in the front yard and along the side of the house.  (I am waiting for the back yard until we finish a large project back there.)

This is a look at the side of the house.  The large bush/tree is coming out and I will be able to fill in some more plantings there.  I took off the tacky gate from the fence and will dispose of it.  I still need to get something for the hose, but it was spread out here for me to water the front bed.

Aren’t these cosmos cute?  I planted them along the side of the house.  They should fill in nicely.

I planted over 100 tulip bulbs in the front of the house.  I did not get them until this spring, so I doubt I will have tulips this year to show for it, but it should be stunning next year.  This single lonely tulip came with the house. Beautiful isn’t it?

I think the larger bed was a new creation of the flippers.  It was pretty lonely with no flowers in it. I planted 75+ tulips in there for next year.  I added a few paper white bulbs and I will add some daffodils this fall for next year.

I planted a scatter garden, which is a mix of several different types of plants that is just scattered and will come up randomly.  They are supposed to all be good for cutting.  I can’t wait to have beautiful flowers from my yard in a vase at my desk.  They are just starting to come up.  Most of them have just two small leaves at this point.

Last weekend the girls helped me pick out the primroses so we could have some instant color.  Today I planted some freesia bulbs in the far back of the bed that are supposed to bloom this summer.  I am a little concerned that they will not get enough sun.

The front small bed hasn’t had a lot done to it yet.  I added tulips for next year and some mini daffodils, but that’s about it so far.

I am taking regular pictures so I can look back and see how much has changed.  Sometimes it feels like not much, but I know I am slowly but surely making changes for the better.


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Katy is having a giveaway for a beautiful pink scarf.  You should really check out her blog.  I enjoy reading her regularly.  Hurry though because she’s planning to end the giveaway on the 26th.

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First Flower

My first flower to bloom at our house was this beautiful purple flower. I was so excited to see it blooming last month.

We have had a few blue bell shaped flowers bloom since, but they are just OK.  I could not believe we had no daffodils come up.  I planted some paper whites and some mini daffodils I bought in bloom.  I will add some full sized bulbs this fall when it’s planting time.

One lonely tulip came up and is close to blooming.  It will be interesting to see the color.  Last year for valentines day, J bought me a pot with beautiful purple tulips in it.  I planted them in a pot before we moved, but I don’t think they had enough nutrients.  They sprouted 1 leaf each, but nothing more.  I planted them in the ground last weekend and fed them, so maybe next year I will get some purple tulips.

My boss gave me a bag of tulip bulbs.  There must have been at least 100 bulbs.  I spent two weekends in February planting bulbs in my front beds.  It was pretty late to be planting, so I don’t expect much for this spring, although I accidentally dug one up last week when I was planting primroses and it was sprouting.

I’m really enjoying having a yard to play in.  J asked me to keep the flowers to the front and side because of allergies, but I can plant a garden in the back.  I have some other major projects coming up in the next few weeks (putting in a new driveway, ripping out three trees, planting two apple trees, smoothing out some deep grooves, and replanting some grass) that should make a big difference.  Once the majority of those are done, I can start concentrating on the garden area.

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What a busy few months it has been. I am back among the cyber world and will be updating again. I expected to be back sooner, but things were very busy, and my laptop was not working right. J bought me a new laptop today, so I will be posting more regularly. I still have a lot to transfer from the old laptop, but here’s an update of the last few months.

In September we hosted a workshop at work for almost 100 participants in Newport for a week. Everything went very smoothly. J and the girls were able to go with me for the week and even though I was very busy, it was nice having them with me. The girls started basketball at the Y. Hope enjoyed being with her team. Emmy was excited for her first season.

In October, J and I were parent volunteers for Emmy’s kindergarten field trip to the pumpkin patch. The kids each got to pick a pumpkin and an apple. There were games to play and they all seemed to have a great time. On Halloween, my parents came and we had a great time at the pumpkin patch. It was a little late in the season, and it was freezing cold. I don’t think we will go on the day again.

In November we signed papers and moved into our first house. What a blessing to move out of the apartment and into our own space.

We were without internet for a few weeks and have not had cable since we moved in. Gotta love netflix. As if that was not enough, I got two tiny twin  kittens. Explorer and Purrcy are a great addition to our family.

We had a great December. It was so nice decorating our home for the holiday. J’s cousin came to celebrate and have dinner the week before Christmas and we traveled to my parent’s for the big event. Christmas is always crazy with so much family, but we love it. We usually go with my brother and his kids to visit the snow the day after Christmas. This has been a very low snow winter and the snow was too far in the mountains to go for a day trip. We were very disappointed to miss our annual trip. We get very little snow at our house. It snowed for an afternoon right after I went back to work after the holiday. I took a couple of hours off and played with the girls and J.

January was mostly quiet. Because the winter has been so mild the girls have been able to play outside a lot. They are really enjoying the back yard. I can’t wait to get a patio set and have picnics on the deck.

February was a busy month for us. The girls finished basketball and we decided not to enroll for spring session so we are done until the fall. I am glad the girls get to play ball, but I was ready for the break.

The first week of March I went to a workshop in the Washington Cascades. It was beautiful. There were several streams, mountains, and a cave nearby. I had a great time and learned a lot.

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