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More roses

I loved the rose garden.  I would like to add a section of roses in our yard.  We are still discussing the perfect location, but I think they will end up near the fence in the back yard.  These are a few I saw at  the gardens that I would like to have in my garden.

They had nice buds and did grew into nice large roses.  The bushes were not too short and did not climb.  They all smelled really good.


Mr. Lincoln


Memorial Day

I discovered that I really like pink and yellow together, but most yellows did not meet my criteria.  I like the purples, but none of them sang to me like the pinks.  I also liked some of the sunset looking roses.  I didn’t get a good pic of it, but I really liked tropicana.

I think I will go with a section of pink and yellows in the back and a couple of tropicana’s in the front.  We’ll just have to see how it goes.


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With buying the new house, landscaping, a few home improvement projects, car expenses, and furlough days, this summer was pretty tight for us.  We decided to take a few short trips and enjoy our area instead of a big vacation this year.

Yesterday we spent the day in the Portland area with J’s cousin.  We started at Multnomah Falls.  We chose to do the short walk to the bridge (.2 miles) instead of the 600 foot climb (1 mile) to the top of the waterfall.  Maybe next time I will be braver.  The girls were standing in front of the short falls in this picture.

After the falls, we went to Portland’s Rose Garden.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  I had never been there before, and I LOVED it!  I am certain we will go back.  I can’t believe we used to live a few miles from there and I had no idea it was there.

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Desk Quilt

I finished the quilt below recently.  It’s hanging on the wall in my office between two windows.  I took it with my camera phone this afternoon & it came out a little hazy.

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Working with help

I appreciate having a helper every now and then, but this is not exactly the kind of help I was looking for.

Included is a preview of what I am working on.  Hoped to have this one ready to quilt and bind this weekend, but I am ripping two of the blocks because I put them together backwards.  The one in the picture was put together, but has been taken back apart.  Ugh,  I hate ripping!

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Back in the saddle

I was back at my sewing machine for some actual quilting this week. The sneak peak pics didn’t turn out, but I should have some tomorrow. I am starting to feel sane again after the past year of hectic. I hope to finish one item per week over the next few weeks for Christmas presents, so I should be back with actual crafting content in the next week. My blog break is officially over.

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I am excited to join this quilt along to learn more about free motion. I am new to this blog, but I am excited to learn more.

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What’s in a name?

I was just reading about Sarah’s search for the perfect name for her almost here baby, and it made me think about how we named our girls.

When I was pregnant with our first daughter, DH and I each picked out a name we liked.  I wanted to name her Hope Vianna.  J liked the Vianna, but thought we should name her Holly.  I like Holly, but this baby’s name was Hope.   We decided to wait until she was born to decide which name fit her more.  We talked openly about her name and were often told we were nuts and should name her……  After many many many hours of labor, she was (finally) born.  DH looked over at me and said in the sweetest way, “After that, you can name her whatever you want”.  And so Hope Vianna was her name.

A few years later, I was pregnant again with a little girl.  We again debated what her name should be.  Holly was in the running, but we landed on Sarah Michelle.  I had a wonderful great aunt Sarah and I really like the name Michelle.   This time we kept it a secret and would just say we don’t know for sure yet.  The only people who knew were J, Hope, and I.

When the baby was born, J explained that Hope’s name is pretty unusual and the baby did not look like a Sarah Michelle.  I agreed with him completely.  I took one look at her and knew her name was Emily Cheyenne.  We had never discussed that name, but it was just right for her.

So tell, how did you decide on your kid’s names?

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