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Blog Reader

I have been using bloglines for quite a while.  It is shutting down on October 1.  I am trying to switch readers to google reader.  I have all my blogs converted, but I am still working on getting thru telling it I have read them.  It’s taking a while, but I should be done in about the next 6 months.  Ugh..


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Cute bag

Stephanie has an adorable bag she would like to give someone for her blog’s anniversary.  You should read her blog.  I really enjoy it.

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What a week!

This weekend we had our first non-parental overnight guests.  My cousin and two of her cousins stayed overnight and went to the state fair.  It was great having them here, but three teenage girls in a house with one bathroom was a little problematic.

Monday was a whirlwind of pre-school shopping.  AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!

Wednesday the girls started school for the year.  Hope’s in fourth grade and Emily is in first.

We held our first non-family party tonight.  We hosted several co-workers tonight for a potluck.  I made pulled pork sandwiches and we spent time around the new fire pit I created in our back yard on Monday.

Tomorrow my brother and his family are coming for dinner.  What a great week!

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I am trying out a new header.  I thought about doing a major redesign, but I decided to just switch out the header.  I took this picture last weekend looking out over the Columbia River.

And so you aren’t left without anything else to look at, here’s another photo from this weekend.

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