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Relay for Life

On June 17-18, I will be walking in the Salem area Relay for Life to remember loved ones lost, support those currently battling, and hope for a cure.  Please consider sponsoring my team (Pink Posse) as we walk in the Relay.

This past year, two members of my family have died from cancer.  My husband’s Grandfather and my Aunt. My Grandmother is recovering from her second bout and another Aunt is currently fighting hard.

Cancer research is making great strides at preventing and curing cancer.  When someone is diagnosed with cancer, it is no longer an automatic death sentence.  Not only are cures more common, but quality of life has greatly increased.  Continued support for cancer research is critical.

To view my participant page or to donate, please visit http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR/RelayForLife/RFLFY11GW?px=21922435&pg=personal&fr_id=34110.  Thanks!


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No.  We aren’t having another baby, but we are nearly at zoo capacity.  A little over a year ago when we moved into the house, we had a fish tank, a frog (in a tank), & 2 kiddos.   We still have those (minus the frog, we miss you Jumpy RIP) but added our two kitties when we moved in.

In December I had foot surgery and was barely able to get around for several weeks.   I knew that I would need some serious motivation to get back on track and help me with some much needed weight loss.   In February, the latest member came to live in the little pink house.   Let me introduce you to Oreo (who must be walked or we all know about it).

Oreo came to us from our local shelter.  We think she’s about 1 year old & a lab/greyhound mix.   She didn’t have any training before we got her, so the past few months have been filled with sit, stay, lay down, walk nicely on the leash, drop it, take it, and a lot of leave it.  If you don’t want to go for at least a few mile walk, I don’t suggest you use the words “let’s go” in my house.

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