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I needed a light reflector to help brighten up my photos for my shop.  I didn’t want to pay a fortune for a professional one, so I made my own.  I think it cost about 45 cents.

I started with an old paper box lid that I rescued from the recycle bin at one point (the kids had played with this one at one time and it has the crayon to show for it).

Hot glued tin foil shiny side out to the inside of the box overlapping a bit.

Then I added some to the back of the box dull side out.

5 minutes, an old box lid, a hot glue gun, and some tinfoil later…

I was all set to get this shot…


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Back Again

I can’t believe it’s been so many months since I blogged. Life just seemed to get in the way & I wasn’t doing a lot of crafting/sewing. I didn’t have a dedicated space and it really cut down on the amount of creating I was able to do.

I recently got a 25 ft travel trailer to use as a “Mom Cave”. I can keep all my crafting/sewing items set up, everything has a cupboard/drawer to go in, and I can go out for a few minutes at a time or a few hours. It’s soooo awesome!

I have created some photo collages, made three girls skirts, put a Thomas the Train fabric picture on a T-shirt for my cousin Noah, and put fabric flowers on a shirt for his sister Zoe.

I am working on a Christmas present that’s off limits for a few more months, but I can show you some cute hair clips I made for the girls in our family.

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I finally finished the frog quilt.  Here it is on the porch.  It was late afternoon, so the tree next to the porch is throwing shadows.  I am really happy with how it came out.  I stitched the binding to the back and curled it around to the front and then I used a decorative stitch to attach it to the front.

Baby Savannah is due in three weeks.  I plan to give her mom the quilt when I see her around the fourth of July.  I am so excited for Tim and Nikki.  She is lucky to be getting such a great mom.

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Sheet Apron

I have been seeing aprons from vintage sheets around blogland.  I’m not a big fan of the 1960’s green and yellow, so I found a sheet with pink, red, and blue flowers.  I would love to have a red kitchen, and I am slowly moving that direction.

I found the sheet as part of a twin set at an estate sale a few weeks ago.  The girls could use a few more twin fitted sheets, so I picked it up and I thought it was just one piece for $2.00.  It was worth it because it was a nice quality sheet.  When I got to the cash box, I found out it was 50% off, so only $1.00.  When I got it home, there was a flat sheet also.  The sheet had a blue stripe with flowers and a smaller red stripe on the top of the sheet.  The stripe made perfect pockets.

My Aunt was in an accident at work yesterday and is pretty banged up.  She is in ICU and will be going through at least one surgery to repair a broken bone.  Please keep her in your prayers.

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Super Poker

I’m sure the title of this post will get a few interesting searches. I was having a difficult time finding just the right turning instrument a while back. I used an unsharpened pencil, but it did not get in the corners right. Then I tried a skewer for the corners, but it kept snagging on the batting and was not good for the straight areas. After some trial and error a friend at work suggested I try chopsticks. I tried several different wooden ones and still had the sticking issues. One day I found a set of ceramic ones that looked perfect, but were pretty expensive. I decided the next payday I would get them.

The next payday came and I was going to go at lunch and buy my chopsticks, but I was invited out to lunch by a coworker. I could always go get chopsticks the next day instead. At the end of lunch I thanked her for the invitation and said it was much more fun that going shopping for chopsticks. After I explained what I meant, she said she had a couple of pairs that she used for a craft project and did not need anymore, so would I like hers? I figured they were just like the wooden ones I had tried, but I said sure. She brought me two pairs of the perfect turners. They are plastic, long enough to get into long corners, no sharp spots, pointy enough to get into the corners, but not so pointy to poke through or get stuck in the batting. So, here’s another of my favorite sewing items – my special chopsticks from Rachelle.

The chopstick is sitting on a part of my next project – an apron from a sheet. I cut it out yesterday and made the straps and pocket. I assembled the entire thing and then I realized I had made the top way too long. I should have it fixed by this evening and ready to turn, sew on the pockets, and sew around the edges. Hopefully by my next post I will be able to show you the finished product.

Don’t forget to leave a comment to enter my giveaway for my 100th post.

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I got way less finished this weekend than I should have. I spent an incredible amount of time with my friend Jack the seam ripper. I had a little trouble dialing in the ruffler. I have it set now to go from 15 inches to 10, so I can take the size I want to attach a ruffle to, multiply by 1.5 and come out with the length I need to cut for the ruffle. One site I saw said to ruffle extra and just cut off what you don’t need. I just can’t be wasteful like that. I have to have exact measurements. I made the girls each a skirt and a pair of short pants.

Hope’s Short Ruffled Pants

Emmy’s Short Ruffled Pants

Skirts – Round two

I think I can use the pattern for the short pants to modify for several pairs of shorts. I also think I could lengthen it for pants for the fall. They were very easy to put together (once I stopped ripping them out) and I made Emmy’s in a couple of hours last night from cutting out the pattern and picking out and cutting the fabric while watching a movie, to sewing while the show I was watching was on commercial.   J flips during commercials, I sew during commercials.

Please ignore the slight blur, there was a small fingerprint on the lens I didn’t see until after the pictures were taken and the girls were in bed, so no retakes tonight.  Gee I wonder how that got there????

Well I’m off to my sewing corner to try for some shorts.

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I wanted to share a few great posts from my recent blog readings. I don’t usually tag like this, but I really enjoyed these.

I have to admit I have used a few of these from Diane in the past few days and enjoyed it. I’ll let you guess which ones.

I love this quilt recently finished by Jennifer. I will be taking note of this one for a future quilt.

This is a super cute outfit recently made by Rebecka. My girls would love either the outfit or the skirt in this post. Pretty pink and a great twirler.

I think it is a great idea to use an old saw to hang a quilt. I would love to get one similar to this one.

Sweet P made this super cute tote. I love the way the black makes the green pop.

I have never made a pencil roll, but after seeing this one on Happy Things, I am tempted to try. I’m pretty sure it would end up being just more clutter at my house, but I have a very artistic cousin who would probably really like one with some good colored pencils.

While Ms. Jen is gone, she left us a few tutorials. My latest project with my new toy is from one of the tutorials on this page. I’ll leave a little more suspense and you can try and figure out which one I’m working on.

This one is a little old, but I think this machine mat is a great idea.

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