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To rip or not to rip?

I took the frog quilt top to work today and showed it to another quilter at the office.  She unfolded it and said how cool it looked with a few of the blocks going the opposite direction.  She really liked the way it made it look.  I took a look and almost died when I realized one row was sewn with the yellow and red reversed on several of the blocks.  Of course it is not one of the end rows, so I see some unsewing in my future.  She said it adds character and I should leave it alone.  I am just too much of a perfectionist and I can not see myself doing that. Ugh, and just when I thought I was about finished with this one.

I went to the gym on Wednesday night and added some time to my cardio.  I felt fine at the time, but boy have I been sore the last couple of days.  I spent some time in the hot tub this evening and have been drinking lots of water to try and get part of the soreness out.  I like to work out on Friday night so that when J and I go on Saturday I can take the girls to the pool while he is working out and not feel bad about missing a workout.  I am not going to try it tonight though.  I think by tomorrow I should be back up to feeling like a human again and ready to work out with J.  Not so sure the girls will be happy about missing their pool date with Mom, but sometimes it’s not all about the princesses.

Speaking about the princesses, the tv in their room went out and they needed a new one.  We just bought them a v.smile for Christmas and have bought several games and the gym mat for it.  I found them a Disney princess tv and it was on sale.  Woo hoo.  They are so excited.  The tv is pink.  I have been told at least 10 times that pink is their favorite color and it’s so cool that their tv is pink since I got  it for them.  I’m so glad they like it.  Emmy’s favorite princess it Ariel.  When you turn up the volume, Ariel shows on the screen.  She is jazzed.

Tonight I’m going to try and make a chicken bake out of the box and see if it’s edible.  If it works out, it will likely be a new standby for gym nights.  It’s something J could start when I get to the locker room and it should be done about the time I get home.  I’m still trying to figure out how to go to the gym, make food, see my children, and get to bed all in a reasonable time after work.  I am determined to make this work!


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Life ongoing

The frog quilt top is pieced.  I need to pick up batting for it and then figure out how I want to quilt it.  I just am not feeling it with this one.  Maybe I will just go with a meander.  Any suggestions out there?  I probably won’t begin quilting until next weekend.

The girls and I went to the gym last night.  They love the play area and so do I.  I feel very comfortable leaving them there, which I did not expect.  They always have a proper child/adult ratio when I go, the girls are excited to go, the staff are all cpr/first aid trained, there are lots of other kids there, and I am loving the serenity.  Emmy went yesterday morning when J went to the gym so I did not expect her to want to go again with me and was prepared to leave her at home with J, but when I said I was going, she practically begged me to take her.  Hope seems to enjoy it also.  I thought it might be a little young for her, but she seems content when I go to pick her up.

I am down eight pounds in four weeks.  J and I talked about it last night and I feel kinda guilty because I am still eating way more junk than I would have expected to at this point.  Our coach did not encourage us to start dieting, in fact, the information she sent with us suggested we start out with exercise and then add the diet later so we don’t change too much at one time.  I have cut back on sweets and I am drinking more water than before, but I really enjoyed a bowl of ice cream last night.  For me I think that’s the key – I really enjoyed the ice cream rather than mindless eating a bowl of calories because I was bored/stressed/tired/thirsty/sad.

Hope starts basketball practice on Thursday.  I kinda feel for her coach.  We started practicing this week in the driveway.  She is so cute trying to figure out how to dribble.  I’m sure it was hard for me to learn, but it seems like such a long time ago.

I better head out.  Long day ahead.

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Pool Day

The girls and I got up early this morning and went shopping for a little while and then spend an hour in the pool at the YMCA.  I came home and ate a yogurt and some tuna fish.  I felt tired but great.  Tuesday we have our first meeting with the fitness counselor.  So far, so good.

So far since I decided to get healthier, I am doing pretty good with eating healthy for breakfast and lunch.  I have even fit in healthy snacks the past few days.   My problem time is in the evening.  I did pick up some healthier snacks, but I caved and ate some naughty snacks during movie night last night.  I do have to say though, I am pretty proud of not having chocolate for 4 days now.  There are nutty bars and hershey kisses in the kitchen and I still have not touched them.  Still no french frys so far during french fry free February.

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YMCA, it’s always fun to stay at the YMCA… you are welcome for the earworm. 😉

I joined the YMCA tonight. I need to get in better shape and I love that I can take the kids to the kid zone and they can play well supervised while I go work out or walk. We got the family membership. The other thing I really liked is that the memberships are able to be used no matter which YMCA we go to, so I can go to the one by my house, the one in the town my parents live in or one when I am away on business trips. I get so sore and tired after sitting all day in the car on the way to the meetings and then on conference room chairs once we get there.

I was weighed last week when I went to the doctor’s office so I know my starting weight. I am not brave enough to share it here, but I will probably keep you up to date on my progress. I feel like I have a long way to go and I have been letting it get to me for a while. I figure I won’t get anywhere if I don’t start. Tonight I had a reasonably healthy home cooked meal and went to join the gym. (Does it count as going to the gym if we just took a tour and then got our membership in order?)

Hopefully tomorrow morning I will be able to go before work. I’m going to go now so I can look at what classes I want to try and kill myself make myself a better person in.

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