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Some Ta Done, Some to do

So a few things made it onto the ta done list.  I had a pretty productive weekend.  Saturday J’s Grandparents and Cousin came over for a few hours.  It was nice seeing them.  I needed the sewing area spiffy before they got here Saturday, so J got his wish and that item moved to the top.  Because we had company Saturday, we did not make it to the farmer’s market.  I guess that will be added to the list for this next week.  I decided to try and keep a to do list for myself so I can document my progress.  It helps me realize I am making progress albeit slow some weeks.  Some people have a chart on their sidebar with projects completed this year.  I don’t want to go that extreme yet, so sorry if I bore you (you can let me know if you would prefer not to read my list and I will move it elsewhere.  This just seems like a logical place for now.

Current projects to finish:

Frog quilt (already basted, needs quilted and bound – baby shower on the 21st)

Scrappy brick baby quilt (mostly cut, needs pieced, quilted, and bound – maybe needed by Tuesday) – This is for Hope’s teacher.  School is out tomorrow and I have not yet pieced the top.  The baby is due in July.  I just have not had time to get this together.  She will be at the school for a few more days before they go on break.  Should I push to get it done by Friday, or would it be OK to give it to her in the fall and have it be less rushed?

Heart wall hanging for my mom (need to buy batting for it – already pieced, needs basted, quilted, and bound.

Aprons for the girls (already cut out – need to sew pockets and straps then assemble reversible aprons. These came out really cute.  I will get pics up of these soon.  I drafted the pattern, and I think it came out just about perfect.  I hope to make a couple more for my nieces for Christmas.

White with pink flowers skirt for Emmy (only cut out. Need to do all of the sewing.)

Fit the girls with the shorts I made last week and see if they fit well enough to make more for them using the same pattern. If so, then I would like to whip up a few more pairs. They came out really cute, and I have plenty of fabric for more. This pattern fit each of the girls really well.  It has not gotten warm enough yet for shorts, but they should fit great when the time comes.  So, I guess this one comes off because I did it, and goes back on because I want to make them some more.  They go together so fast, and I’ll save a fortune on girls shorts this summer.

Clean and reorganize my sewing area. It’s pretty far out of control! (J thinks this should be at the top of the list.) See above

We may go to the farmer’s market again this weekend to pick up some strawberry plants. I did not buy any last weekend because I had not planned to grow them this year, but J has talked me into them (not that it took that much talking). I need to pick up another planter for my patio and get it ready for the plants. I have not grown strawberries before, so I need to do a little research on what size pot I need before I am ready to go to the store.

And of course, my most important job is spending some time with the girls. Hopefully it will stop raining and being yucky outside long enough to go to the park or have a picnic on the porch. If not, we might have to have a picnic on the living room floor this weekend.  (Unfortunately it did not stop raining, but we did have a fun lunch in the living room with J’s Grandparents while they were here)


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