Etsy Online Workshop

I really enjoyed the online discussion tonight about pricing and value. I find I tend to undervalue my time and my efforts. Sometimes I have a hard time realizing that what I find relaxing, others find disgusting. Your thoughts? How do you work out value on your products?

Remember the giveaway is still open til Friday. Comment on this post to enter.


Mother’s Day Wishes

Hope you all have a great Mother’s Day. I am spending time today with my Mom and my girls.

A while back, Mom & I went to DC together. Here’s a picture I took of her at the Library of Congress. We have such a great time together. I am lucky to have such a great mom!

Celebration Giveaway

Today is my birthday, tomorrow is Mother’s Day, I just opened my shop, and I just passed 200 posts. It feels like a good day to celebrate. Head over to my shop and take a look around. Come back and let me know which stiletto you like the best.  I will hand craft you a stiletto similar to the ones available in the shop.  Drawing will be Friday, May 18th after 5:00 PT.

One entry: Comment letting me know which you like best
Second entry: Blog/Facebook/Etc about the giveaway

Small Items

I worked on some small items for the small projects sew along this weekend. I finished quilting the disappearing 9 patch table runner and cut the binding. Just need to sew the binding together & attach it.

I also started the embroidery for the St. Patty’s Day table runner.  One piece started, two to go.

Leona has a fun giveaway going on.  You should visit her blog for a chance to win.

Busy Busy

I have been busy making more awls for my shop. They are fun to make and I enjoy working with glass beads.  These will be posted later today.

Stilettos help make sewing, quilting, pottery, and other crafts so much easier.  Use them to hold fabrics or lace in place when sewing, hold seams open or to the side for pressing, remove stitches, hold hot glued items, and make fine lines in pottery.  I use mine every day!

Yard Sale

I am joining Bonnie for yard sale Saturday. I have a few items posted on my Etsy store & will post more thru the day as I get pics taken.

In the shop now:

Crazy but Pieceable   $4.00

Backpacks $4.00 (Sold)

Show Me How to Paper Piece $4.00 (Sold)

Easy Pieces

Creative Color Play with Two Simple Quilt Bl0cks $4.00

Second Stitches Book (not sure why the photo keeps posting sideways)  $4.00

Jacob’s Soul Dance Pattern  $3.00

Awls $5.95 (Round Green no longer available, but several other styles now in the shop. )

Lacy’s Creations

I am so excited to announce the grand opening of my Etsy shop. I have been on the fence for quite a while, but I am open now at Lacy’s Creations.

I spent quite a bit of time with my Grandma when I was young.  She was always sewing, painting, canning, cooking, or fixing sewing machines.  She taught me how to fish and is a big part of who I am today.  We lost her to Alzheimer’s way too soon.  I wish that the Grandma I knew from a little girl could have seen the woman I grew to be and know my children.   I was the youngest granddaughter and all of the other grandchildren were many years older than me.  She called me Lacy, thus the name Lacy’s Custom Creations.

My first items up for sale are craft awls.  I use one of these myself and I love it!